Kemedar System Exclusive Partnership Program 

At Kemedar, we offer a transformative opportunity for both companies and individuals to engage as exclusive partners in managing one of our specialized systems. This program is designed to forge strong partnerships under a model that not only rewards performance but also encourages deep involvement in the growth and success of the system.

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Key Features of the Partnership

1. Exclusive Management Rights

As an exclusive partner, you will take full control over all operational aspects of a specific Kemedar system. Your role will involve implementing strategies and managing day-to-day activities to drive growth and enhance user satisfaction within your system.

2. Strategic Coordination

Utilize our matrix management approach to ensure your efforts align with the broader goals of Kemedar. You will work in sync with various regional teams, integrating your system’s strategies with our global operations to achieve coherence and effectiveness across the board.

3. Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Leverage the advanced capabilities of the Kemeodo system to monitor and track the performance of your system. You will regularly report key metrics to Kemedar’s country-specific offices, maintaining a high level of accountability that supports operational standards and promotes ongoing improvement.

4. Financial Rewards and Equity

Participate in a rewarding profit-sharing model, receiving 30% of the net profits from your system’s operations from the outset. Additionally, after an initial period of 30 months, you will begin to accrue equity in the managing company, gaining 1% ownership per month. This aligns your long-term interests with the sustained success of the system.

5. Training and Support

Receive in-depth training covering all operational and technical features of the system. Kemedar is committed to providing ongoing support to ensure you are well-equipped to manage your system effectively and meet all performance standards.

6. Legal and Operational Authority and Investment

As a key decision-maker for the system, you will have the authority to make significant operational decisions and sign contracts. For partners contributing to the initial investment and capital, a 35% capital ownership equity in the company is assured. Additionally, Kemedar will support fundraising efforts to help secure the financial resources needed for the system’s growth and expansion.

Matrix Management Structure  

Corporate Level - Kemedar Country Office

At the top of the management hierarchy, the Kemedar country office oversees all systems through its corporate staff. For instance, the Marketing Director at the corporate office will provide guidance and strategic direction to Marketing Managers across all systems, ensuring consistency and excellence in marketing efforts across the board.

Exclusive System Partner

As an exclusive system partner, you will concentrate specifically on your dedicated system. You will lead a team responsible for nationwide operations, focusing solely on the system’s needs and potential. You are tasked with reporting to the Kemedar country office and will liaise with franchise owners and area office managers. This role is crucial for integrating global strategies with local execution, ensuring that the system operates smoothly and meets set targets.

Franchise Owners and Branch Office Managers 

These managers are vital at the local level, handling geographic-specific operations. They report both to the exclusive system partner and the corporate country office, forming a critical link in the operational chain. Their role ensures that local insights and operational challenges are addressed promptly and effectively.

Financial Terms

Profit Sharing

From the outset of this partnership, Partner is entitled to a significant share of the profits generated by the System. Specifically, Partner will receive 30% of the net profits derived from the System’s operations. This distribution is intended to reflect the value and effort contributed by the Partner to the success of the System. The net profits will be calculated after deducting all operational and overhead costs associated with the System. Detailed financial statements will be provided to the Partner on a quarterly basis to ensure transparency and accuracy in profit calculations.

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Equity Accrual 

In addition to profit sharing, Partner will also accumulate equity in the company managing the System. This equity accrual process will begin after signing contract and onset of partnership for the initial 30 months of operation, marking the transition from initial stabilization to mature operation. From this point, Partner’s equity in the company will increase by 1% per month. This gradual equity accrual strategy is designed to incentivize sustained engagement and performance by the Partner over the long term. By the end of 30 months, depending on the commencement date, Partner could own up to 30% of the company, aligning long-term financial rewards with the continuous success of the System.

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