Kemedar's Investment Philosophy and Strategy

Building Legacies, Not Just Profits.

Invest Wisely, Grow Steadily: The Kemedar Promise.
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Investment Approach

  Kemedar does not align with typical Venture Capital strategies, focusing instead on long-term growth and sustainability rather than short-term evaluations and sales.

Our Difference

Shares in Kemedar are viewed as intrinsic to the company's performance, not as separate tradable commodities. This approach is rooted in building a legacy for founders, shareholders, and employees, not in fluctuating valuations.

Investment in Global Expansion

Financing through company branches in each country, with crowdfunding options available on the Ribano platform.

Investment varies by country, based on specific financial plans.

Partnership and Transparency

Kemedar values its investors and employees as true partners, striving for satisfaction and mutual benefit within a framework of trust and transparency.

Investment Platform

Kemedar offers a transparent investment platform for monitoring company operations, allowing for straightforward share transactions without the need for brokers.

Company's Three-Dimensional Growth Strategy

Horizontal Dimension

Geographical expansion across multiple countries.

Vertical Expansion

Diversification in products, services, and technologies.

Time Dimension

Building a project for future generations with a focus on quality in every aspect.

Management and Expansion

Senior employee salaries partly converted into company shares.

Expansion into new countries through locally funded branches and franchise rights.

Rigorous expense monitoring and control.

Conservative policy in project selection and investments, avoiding speculative fields.

Investor Strategy

Emphasizes long-term investment over speculation, with a recommended holding period of at least three years.

Investors are encouraged to engage actively in operations for annual or semiannual profits.

Shares can be sold after six months via the Ribano platform, offering diverse investment opportunities.


Kemedar Investment Strategies​

"Investing Beyond Share Prices: Kemedar's Ethical & Legacy-Driven Vision" Join us in this episode as we delve deep into Kemedar's unique investment philosophy, which stands apart from traditional venture capital approaches. Understand how we prioritize real business performance over share price movements, emphasizing long-term growth and genuine value. Discover our innovative strategies that promote employee loyalty, our transparent investment platform, and our rationale behind being a Closed Joint Stock Company. We'll also touch upon our international expansion strategies, our conservative investment policies, and the core dimensions that have guided the construction of our ambitious project. Dive in to see why at Kemedar, we believe in building legacies, not just companies.

Kemedar's Eight-Year Journey: Lessons from Bamboo​

In this episode, we draw inspiration from the growth of bamboo to reflect on Kemedar's journey. Like bamboo, we endured years of hard work and patience before seeing remarkable results. The analogy underscores the importance of perseverance and adaptability in our project. The bamboo plant's ability to thrive for over a century and its role in environmental balance mirror Kemedar's mission. We've faced isolation and challenges, but our unwavering hope has led to success and community impact. We emphasize the collective effort, divine guidance, and flexibility in our ideas that have shaped Kemedar. Our decision to self-fund initially and adapt to change has proven successful after eight years of hard work. In summary, our journey, like bamboo, exemplifies patience, adaptability, and growth over time, resulting in a project that benefits our community and the environment.

Kemedar: Lighting the Way for Investors in Times of Inflation​

In this video, we delve deep into a narrative inspired by the writings of the genius Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq, illustrating the tumultuous journey of a small investor, Mahmoud, in an era of inflation. Plagued by hesitations, fears of the unknown, investment apprehensions, and anxieties about a diminishing future value of his money, Mahmoud's story is a vivid portrayal of the challenges faced by many in today's economic climate. We then showcase how Kemedar emerges as the beacon of hope and clarity amidst this chaos. Kemedar is designed to provide transparent, effortless, and effective solutions, ensuring that every investor, like Mahmoud, has access to the best opportunities without hidden costs. With Kemedar, we aim to make every investor's dream come true by presenting all the essential information directly from the source, enabling informed and confident decisions. Join us on this enlightening journey, where we redefine investment in an inflationary age.