Paid Services for Individuals

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Immerse yourself in the world of exclusive professional services tailored to elevate the performance of individual members. These services are structured to ensure a profitable return on investment, fostering repeat orders and enthusiastic recommendations.  

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KEMEDAR® List Service:

A personalized property service that includes a professional visit, expert photography, and comprehensive property details for an enhanced property page.

KEMEDAR® UP Service:

Elevate property visibility by securing a prime position in search results, significantly increasing the chances of a successful sale.


Boost the market appeal of properties by adding the "Always ready for showing" label through Kemedar's unique service.

KEMEWORK Finishing Service:

Enable direct communication with technicians and professionals for home finishing projects, managed by Kemedar through local agents.

Kemedar Veri Service for Property:

Attain the "Verified by a Kemedar" label through thorough property document verification.


Entrust Kemedar to sell your property, combining multiple services for optimal results.


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Explore the diverse range of premium paid services offered by Kemedar®.​

Discover Kemedar®, your premier partner in real estate. From top-notch listings and verified properties to exclusive marketing and innovative services, we're here to elevate your real estate experience. Boost your visibility, credibility, and success with Kemedar® today!