40 New Innovations in Kemedar 

Kemedar stands at the forefront of the real estate industry's transformation, introducing a host of innovative features and services. This real estate platform has embraced cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and offers a mix of online and offline services. Kemedar is now a global presence, integrating Super App and Proptech technologies, and introducing new systems for co-investment and affiliate marketing. Its commitment to reshaping the real estate sector is reflected in every aspect of its ecosystem, offering limitless possibilities and innovations for users worldwide.

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1-Global Reach:

Kemedar now offers an unprecedented global search capability, spanning over thirty countries, all accessible through a unified interface.

2-Seamless Integration:

We've seamlessly integrated Super App and Proptech technology, all under one roof, with a single Sign-On (SSO) system and a unified interface for all mini-apps.

3-Blockchain in Real Estate:

Kemedar pioneers the application of blockchain technology in the real estate industry, solidifying our position as an industry innovator.

4-Diverse Ecosystem:

Explore more than 25 systems within the Kemedar Ecosystem, featuring thousands of functions and over 30 mini-apps.

5-Digital Transformation:

We're committed to digitizing the real estate sector and implementing cutting-edge digital transformation technologies.

6-Online-Offline Synergy:

Experience a unique system that combines online and offline services, setting Kemedar apart from its competitors in the Proptech field.

7-AI in Real Estate:

Kemedar employs advanced artificial intelligence techniques, from content generation with Kemedari to interior design through Kemedesigner.

8-Global Presence:

With a presence in 35 countries and an interface available in over 17 languages, Kemedar ensures accessibility and convenience for all visitors.

9-All-Inclusive Services:

Kemedar offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to cater to all segments of the real estate community, from sellers and buyers to professionals and investors.

10-Advertiser Database Management:

Our platform facilitates the complete management of advertisers 'databases, enabling precise targeting based on various criteria.

11-Efficient Request Handling:

Users can now submit purchase and rental requests in under three minutes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

12-Advanced Search:

Our system boasts advanced search mechanisms, with more than 110 search criteria and filters, ensuring precise property searches.

13-Innovative Regional Search:

Explore innovative regional search options, allowing searches at various depth levels, from country to street name.

14-Appointment Organizer:

Benefit from our meticulously designed real estate appointment organizer, enhancing your communication and search experience.

15-Efficient Network Management:

Kemedar introduces an efficient system for managing local representatives and franchise owners, streamlining operations with ease.

16-Kemework for Finishes:

Our unique Kemework system assists professionals and handymen in the construction and finishing of real estate projects.

17-Kemetro Portal:

Discover Kemetro, a specialized portal for high-quality home construction and finishing products, offering a wide range of products and services.

18-Kemmeta Community:

Join the first specialized social network for the real estate sector, connecting individuals with shared interests in real estate.


Enhance your skills with Kemecademy, an educational platform offering professional training and expertise sharing.

20-Real Estate Company Database:

Access a dedicated database of real estate companies, agents, and developers, streamlining marketing efforts.

21-Fractional Co-Investment:

Kemereit introduces a unique co-investment system, allowing small investors to collaborate on specific properties with blockchain and NFT integration.

22-Professional News:

Stay informed with a professionally curated newspaper, featuring news from our agents worldwide.

23-Doringa Advertising Management:

Manage advertising effortlessly with Doringa, an integrated system allowing automated booking, design, payment, and activation of ad space on any kemedar app

24-Affiliate Marketers:

Utilize the Camonea system to efficiently manage affiliate marketers, expanding your network effectively.

25-Marketing Services:

Offer marketing services to real estate companies using the latest methods and a vast, accurate database.

26-Kemecor ERP System:

Kemecor is an integrated ERP system tailored for real estate companies, simplifying project and client management.

27-Kemodoo Management System:

Kemodoo streamlines operations for branch offices, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

28-Member Chat System:

Enjoy seamless member-to-member Kemessenger communication with our chat system, fostering interaction.

29-PBX Communication:

Benefit from advanced PBX communication for quick and easy contact with district representatives and service officials.

30-Virtual Tours and AR:

Explore virtual tours with augmented reality and interior design features through Kemetour, Kememap, and Kemedesigner.


An innovative system specifically designed for searching and extracting information and data for all properties and real estate opportunities available on the internet.

32-Kemmigrant Immigration System:

For those seeking to immigrate and reside in other countries, Kemmigrant is your first-of-its-kind solution.

33-Real Estate Auction Management:

Manage real estate auctions effortlessly and effectively with our dedicated system.

34-Kemanage Property Management:

Property management companies can streamline their operations, from tenant selection to maintenance.

35-Kemecard Digital Business Cards:

Create professional digital identities in minutes with Kemecard, available for users and corporate clients.

36-Mass Communication:

Reach your audience quickly with the Tarateesh system, facilitating bulk broadcast communication via mail, WhatsApp, or SMS.

37-Kemereno Communities:

Kemereno fosters collaborative communities to restore and improve old buildings.

38-New Kemecoin System

Launching a coin payment system for service providers and freelancers, convertible to USD post a 100-day holding period, for efficient earning and tracking.

39-Employee Vested Stock Option

Allows employees to buy discounted company stock and earn additional shares, aligning their interests with the company's success and fostering long-term investment.

40-Integration with XeedWallet

Full integration with XeedWallet to handle all payment process in very easy way

What is new innovations in Kemedar

In an ever-evolving world, the real estate industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation, and at the forefront of this revolution stands Kemedar. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a dedication to providing a cutting-edge platform for real estate professionals and enthusiasts, Kemedar has unveiled a multitude of groundbreaking features and services. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the remarkable advancements that have reshaped Kemedar, making it a trailblazer in the global real estate landscape. From harnessing the power of blockchain technology to offering a seamless blend of online and offline services, Kemedar has left no stone unturned in its pursuit of excellence. Join us as we explore the myriad facets of Kemedar's transformation, each designed to elevate the real estate experience for users across the globe. Discover how Kemedar has seamlessly integrated Super App and Proptech technologies, established a global presence, and introduced pioneering systems for co-investment, affiliate marketing, and more. Kemedar's commitment to redefining the real estate sector is evident in every facet of its ecosystem. We invite you to explore the future of real estate with us, where innovation knows no bounds and possibilities are limitless.