Other Revenue streams in Kemedar

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Global Expansion Franchise Opportunities

The franchise system, marked by cohesion and professionalism, provides agents with effective tools and features unique to Kemedar, offering exclusive rights for specific areas upon payment of franchise fees.

Obtaining Exclusive Marketing Agencies

Our growing global presence and brand awareness will enable us to secure exclusive marketing deals in various countries. With our extensive market database, companies will prefer partnering with us for efficient market segmentation and targeting .

Innovative Investment Solutions

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Elevating Real Estate Expertise

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Kemanage and Kemecor ERP Cloud Services

iItegrated solutions for property management companies through Kemanage, offering various paid plans for effective property management. Kemecor ERP Cloud Services for streamlined administrative and accounting tasks.

Kemetro Marketplace Service

  • Stores & factories Subscriptions
  • Commission on Sales
  • Product listing fees

Renovation Services

Income sources in Kemereno from renovating old buildings and maintenance contracts for them.

Doringa Ad Service:

Maximize advertising impact through the professional advertising system on Doringa.

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