How to Invest and Buy Kemedar Shares

Grow Globally, Invest with Kemedar.

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Investment Process


Sign up on the Ribano crowdfunding platform as an investor.

2-Project Selection

Choose a Kemedar project in your desired country (e.g., Vietnam, Qatar, Spain).

3-Share Purchase

Buy shares using XeedWallet, which supports a variety of payment methods.


Ownership is certified and endorsed through blockchain, NFT, and smart contracts.


Receive your stock certificate and all related documents on the platform.


Gain access to an investor account for daily monitoring of company operations, accounts, and projects, with the option to provide feedback.

Documents and Contracts

Share ownership transfers are secured through Blockchain and NFT technology.

Investment contracts and stamped stock certificates are issued to investors.

Shareholders' list updated biannually in legal records.

Money Transfer Process

Transactions are conducted via Xeed Wallet for ease of profit and capital transfer.

Process: Charge wallet → Pay for shares → Receive profits → Withdraw funds.

Investor Account Platforms

1.Ribano Platform:

For browsing and investing in projects.

2.Xeed Wallet

Facilitates payment and fund transfer

3.Kemodoo Platform: 

Monitors company performance and management.

4. Kemedar Platform:

Interact with the company, propose ideas, and request franchise rights.

4. RibanoM Platform:

Enable investors to resell their shares easily.

Exclusive Investor Services

Add unlimited properties, projects, courses, and news.

Priority in employee appointments and franchise requests.

Investor Rewards

Each investor receives Kemecoin Reward equivalent to 5% of their investment for use on Kemedar systems.

Shareholder Rights

Right to attend general meetings and vote in board elections.

Gain access to an investor account for daily monitoring of company operations.

How to invest in Kemedar. Simplified Guide for Smart Investors

Invest in Kemedar: Your Path to Proptech Excellence Join us as we guide you through the streamlined process of investing and buying shares in Kemedar. Dive into the world of secured transactions, exclusive benefits, and rewards that await our investors. Explore the advantage of our blockchain-backed processes, easy money transactions via exceed Wallet, and the exclusive services tailored for our shareholders. Kemedar is not just a proptech platform; it's an ecosystem designed for the future. Dive in and discover more. #KemedarInvestment#ProptechFuture

How the idea of Kemedar start?​

How the idea of Kemedar start? Allow me to tell you the story of how Kemedar idea began. how it was born, and how its roots took off.

Kemedar's Eight-Year Journey: Lessons from Bamboo​

In this episode, we draw inspiration from the growth of bamboo to reflect on Kemedar's journey. Like bamboo, we endured years of hard work and patience before seeing remarkable results. The analogy underscores the importance of perseverance and adaptability in our project. The bamboo plant's ability to thrive for over a century and its role in environmental balance mirror Kemedar's mission. We've faced isolation and challenges, but our unwavering hope has led to success and community impact. We emphasize the collective effort, divine guidance, and flexibility in our ideas that have shaped Kemedar. Our decision to self-fund initially and adapt to change has proven successful after eight years of hard work. In summary, our journey, like bamboo, exemplifies patience, adaptability, and growth over time, resulting in a project that benefits our community and the environment.