Kemedar Ecosystem: Individuals and Entities  

Kemedar was conceived with the primary goal of enriching the experiences of all stakeholders within the real estate sector. Those engaging with Kemedar, whether individuals or corporations

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A pivotal strength of Kemedar lies in its tailor-made system, uniquely designed to cater to the diverse needs of each member. Featuring 20 types of users with individualized control panels, Kemedar ensures that every member perceives the system as a personalized tool. This distinction positions Kemedar at the forefront of global Proptech applications. The system comprises a multitude of tools and services, cohesively integrated into a unified super app for real estate professionals and enthusiasts. Customer is any visitor benefiting from our website's services, whether free or paid.


Kemedar's success is a testament to the power of collaboration, involving investors, employees, and partners. This global project, supported by the efforts and financial contributions of many, has reached the pinnacle of success in the real estate industry. The synergy of diverse contributions and shared goals has been crucial in developing Kemedar into a key player in the industry. Every member of this dynamic network has played a vital role in Kemedar's ongoing growth and success, showcasing how united efforts can lead to significant achievements in the global real estate and technology sectors.

Success Partners

Exclusive agreements with success partners encompass real estate developers, finishing product manufacturers, registered affiliates and service providers, store coordinators engaged in profit-sharing, and shipping companies for Kemetro products. This collaborative approach seeks to mutually elevate success and prominence.

Suppliers and Collaborators

Critical to Kemedar's operations are the services provided by approved subcontractors or service suppliers. These include accredited finishing companies, certified decoration and engineering offices, skilled handymen and technicians, certified marketing companies, freelancers, and payment processing entities. The supportive technology network involves hosting and communication system companies, ensuring a robust and seamless operation.

Kemedar Echosystem​

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Explore the Kemedar Proptech Super App Ecosystem​

Explore the Kemedar Proptech Super App - a pioneering global ecosystem specializing in real estate technology. This innovative platform introduces the Super App system to the real estate field, offering a diverse range of mini-applications designed to meet the various needs of the real estate market. From Kemedar Proptech, a primary system empowering real estate transactions, to specialized tools like Kemework and Kemenews, this ecosystem redefines the real estate landscape. Dive into a world of solutions, training, and community-building with Kemecademy, Kemmeta, and Kemereno, among others. Discover how Kemedar is revolutionizing real estate, from auction systems to property management, through groundbreaking technology and services. Join us as we transform the way real estate works, bringing innovation, connectivity, and expertise to all our users.