Paid Services for Companies

Kemedar: The Ultimate Proptech Hub – 25 Apps, Endless Possibilities.  Tailored services for companies, blending expertise from real estate marketing professionals to maximize their performance. 

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Subscription Packages:

Tailored packages for business owners, offering a range of benefits for various industry players.

Kemedar Campaign Service:

Customized marketing campaigns, leveraging Kemedar's extensive real estate database for optimal results.

Kemedar Veri Service for Company:

Boost credibility with the "Verified by Kemedar" label on your company page.

Kemedar Veri Service (Properties and Projects):

Enhance the authenticity of your real estate offerings with the "Verified by Kemedar Agent" label.

KEMEDAR Sourcing Service:

Efficiently source products with competitive price quotations facilitated by Kemedar.

Marketing and Promotional Services:

Diverse services including bringing visitors to advertisements, broadcast emails, SMS services, and WhatsApp bulk messaging.

Kemedar Sponser Service:

Showcase official sponsors prominently on website pages, coupled with premium services.

Kemedar UP Service (Feature Project, Company, Property):

Three-tiered services allowing companies to feature their projects, companies, and properties prominently.

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Explore the diverse range of premium paid services offered by Kemedar®.​

Discover Kemedar®, your premier partner in real estate. From top-notch listings and verified properties to exclusive marketing and innovative services, we're here to elevate your real estate experience. Boost your visibility, credibility, and success with Kemedar® today!