Ribano's Operational Cycle

This cycle outlines the comprehensive process from project submission to investment and profit distribution, highlighting Ribano's integrated systems for efficient management and investment handling.

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Project Submission and Review

  • Project Addition: Founders submit their projects to Ribano.org (e.g., John submits the EXPO project).
  • Administrative Review: Ribano's admin team reviews the project for approval or rejection.

Project Setup and Tokenization

  • Contract Signing: Upon approval, Ribano signs a contract with the founder, detailing all terms.
  • Token Creation: Special tokens representing the company's equity are created, including shares for fundraising.
  • Account Creation in XeedWallet:
  • Project Account: Managed by Ribano for handling funds and tokens.
  • Manager's Account: For founders to manage funds and tokens.
  • Shareholders' Accounts: Tokens representing each shareholder's equity are allocated.

Marketplace and ERP Integration

  • RibanoM Integration: Shareholders can sell their shares in the Ribano digital assets marketplace.
  • Ribanocor ERP System: Accounts for investors and shareholders to monitor company operations.

Investment Process

  • Initiating Investment: Investors click 'invest' on Ribano project page and proceed to XeedWallet for payment.
  • Currency Handling: Investors can use existing fiat in XeedWallet or deposit new funds through integrated payment methods.

Token Purchase and Transaction Recording

  • Token Acquisition: Investors buy tokens (e.g., 100,000 tokens for $100,000).
  • Blockchain Registration: Transactions are recorded on the NEAR blockchain.
  • Financial Transfer: Funds are transferred from the investor's to the project's account in XeedWallet.

Financial Management and Profit Distribution

  • Project Account Management: Ribano manages the project's account as per the business plan, disbursing funds to the founder.
  • Profit Sharing: Profits are distributed to shareholders' wallets based on their ownership ratios.

Shareholder and Investor Options

  • Project Oversight: Shareholders can monitor company operations through Ribanocor ERP.
  • Share Trading: Shareholders can sell shares via RibanoM.
  • Token Flexibility: Shareholders can send, exchange, or purchase tokens for different projects on RibanoM and Ribano.org.

Specific Cycles for RibanoM and XeedWallet  

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