Unmatched Free Services for Kemedar Users

Revolutionize Your Property Journey with Kemedar's 25-in-1 Super App. Explore the diverse range of complimentary services offered by Kemedar, establishing our super app as a go-to platform within the proptech industry. The 25 mini apps within our super app create a compelling magnet for visitors and engaged customers.

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Empowering Search

Unlock the power of our Advanced Search, providing access to over 110 filters in 17 languages across 35 countries, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive property search experience.

Effortless Property Management

Utilize cutting-edge AI technology to add up to 5 properties for free in under 8 minutes. Submit unlimited buying or rental requests, streamlining your property management tasks.

Direct Procurement

Browse, compare, and purchase construction, finishing, furniture, and decoration products directly from factories or merchants without incurring any commission fees.

Flexible Renting Solutions

Leverage the Corent and Booking system for partial renting of specific areas or durations, tailored for tourist, hotel, and co-working office spaces.

Innovative Auction System

Engage in our specially designed bidding system for real estate auctions, facilitating sales to the highest bidder.

Efficient Management

Experience the industry's first real estate organizer, allowing sellers and buyers to efficiently manage appointments, tasks, contacts, and communications.

Streamlined Hiring

Access a comprehensive system to manage real estate finishes and tasks, including browsing profiles of technicians, finishing companies, and evaluating their services.

Organized Documentation

Save important files, contracts, and templates in our file manager system for easy access and modification.

Continuous Learning

Benefit from free courses at Kemecademy, offering valuable insights from lecturers and experts in the real estate sector.

Connect and Collaborate

Connect with professionals and enthusiasts in the real estate sector on our unique social networking platform.

Seamless Interaction

Easily communicate with other members through our messenger and chat system, fostering effective collaboration.

Stay Informed

Stay informed with the latest real estate news from reliable sources, enabling informed decision-making.

Immersive Experiences

Enhance property listings with VR videos and interactive maps, providing an immersive experience for potential buyers.

Smart Property Solutions

Generate professional content, create suitable visuals, and leverage AI in property-related activities such as adding a property, managing tasks, and accessing news.

Effortless Design

Use AI to effortlessly design home and garden decor, adding a touch of creativity to your spaces.

Community Building

Foster a sense of community by creating a mini-society for your building and neighbors, encouraging collective efforts for building care.

Join the Network

Join the largest real estate affiliate network for those interested in marketing through our affiliate system, unlocking new opportunities for collaboration.

Integrated Property Management

Easily manage property rentals through our integrated property management system, simplifying the rental process for landlords and tenants.

Unlocking Proptech Excellence: Explore Kemedar's Unparalleled Free Services!​

Kemedar revolutionizes the proptech industry with a remarkable array of free services on our super app featuring 25 mini apps. Enjoy advanced features like over 110 search filters in 17 languages across 35 countries, AI-driven property management allowing free listings and unlimited requests, and seamless browsing and purchase of construction products without commissions. Explore unique services, including partial renting for spaces, real estate auctions, an industry-first organizer, and comprehensive hiring systems for professionals. Benefit from our file manager, free Kemecademy courses, and connect with industry peers through social networking. Stay updated with news services, enhance listings with VR tours and interactive maps, and utilize AI for content generation, decoration design, and more. Foster community with our building-centric service, join our affiliate network, and effortlessly manage property rentals. Dive into the future of proptech with Kemedar's unparalleled free offerings!