Professionals, Technicians & Home Service Providers.

Connecting Skills to Opportunities: Kemework Advantage

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Comprehensive Professional Network

Who We Cater To : Kemework serves over 100 specializations within the real estate industry, including electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, interior designers, and legal professionals.

Personalized Professional Presence

Personalized Professional Page: Create a unique digital storefront on Kemedar, with a digital business card transformable into a mini-website.

Unified Portfolio: Showcase all services, manage tasks, and gather reviews under one profile.

Direct Client Engagement

Connect & Engage: Direct communication channels allow professionals to connect with potential clients without intermediaries.

Efficient Management Tools

User-Friendly Management Tools: The platform offers intuitive tools for easy management of accounts, tasks, and client interactions.

Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard: A streamlined dashboard to manage profiles, interactions, and liaise with site visitors and clients.

Endless Opportunities and Recognition

Discover Opportunities: Access a vast array of tasks in various specializations, posted by a wide visitor base.

Certification & Recognition: Opportunity to become a Kemedar-certified technician, enhancing credibility and trust.

Real Estate Education and Skill Enhancement

Real Estate Education and Training: Kemecademy provides courses and resources for skill enhancement, catering to both skilled workers and real estate professionals.