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Types of Targeted Companies

1. Agents: Streamlined client and deal management.

2. Developers: Easy project display and handling.

3. Finishing: Project management and client connection.

4. Property Managers: Simplified property oversight.

5. Home Services: Efficient service request management.

6. Consultants: Enhanced portfolio and growth support.

7. Architects: Design presentation and collaboration.

8. Suppliers: Product showcasing and order processing.

Comprehensive Real Estate Management Tools

Real Estate Organizer : Streamlines communication management in the real estate sector.

Kemanage : Simplifies property management, including tenant relations and maintenance.

Innovative Marketing and Display Options

Kemedar Auction: Enables participation in real-time property bidding.

Kemedari & Kemetour: Offers content creation tools and virtual reality tours for property showcasing.

Community and Booking Solutions

Kemereno: Facilitates community organization for building maintenance.

Kemedar Corent: Introduces innovative partial and hourly booking options for properties.

Digital and Design Services

Kemecard: Offers a digital business card service for a unique professional identity.

Cedronella File Manager & Kemedesigner: Provides file management solutions and interior design services.

Targeted Services for Real Estate Businesses

Tailored Solutions: Customized tools and services for agents, developers, finishing companies, and more.

Kemedar Campaign & Ad Services: Specialized marketing and advertising services for enhanced visibility and promotion.

Verification and Sponsorship Opportunities

Kemedar Veri Service: Offers verification services for companies and properties, enhancing credibility.

Kemedar Up & Sponsor Services: Features options for highlighting properties, companies, or projects, and includes sponsorship opportunities.