Tons of Benefits for General users

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The Kemedar Way.

Kemedar is a dynamic and comprehensive real estate platform revolutionizing the industry by offering an extensive range of services and tools for both property professionals and general users. Its unique ecosystem includes advanced property search and management, skilled labor connections, educational resources, and investment opportunities. Emphasizing innovation, Kemedar integrates AI technology, blockchain, and NFTs to facilitate seamless real estate transactions, management, and investment globally, making it a one-stop solution for all real estate needs.

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Real Estate Services

Property Search and Transactions: Comprehensive platform to search, buy, or rent properties with over 110 detailed filters.

Property Management: Free and easy-to-use tools to add, promote, and manage properties, including AI-powered content generation.

Skilled Labor and Product Services

Skilled Labor Access: Connect with technicians and real estate professionals via Kemework.

Home and Construction Products: Shop for building materials and finishing products on Kemetro.

Information and Education

Real Estate News: Stay informed with Kemenews for the latest market trends.

Training and Skill Development: Enhance real estate skills with Kemecademy’s courses.

Free Features for Owner Account

Free Listing: Accessible on computer and mobile for up to 5 properties.

Property Listing: List properties with multiple images, videos, and interactive maps.

Visibility: Millions of monthly visitors for enhanced property exposure.

Exclusive Features for Owners

dvanced Communication: Instant chat with potential clients and professionals.

Property Page Customization: Create attractive listings with Kemedari® Content Generator.

Account Management: Advanced control panel for managing interactions and listings

Smart Buyer Tools

Search and Communication: Advanced tools for property search and direct owner communication.

Task Management: Coordinate with professionals and handle property-related tasks.

Investment and Auctions: Access to unique investment solutions and a property auction system.

Why Buyers Prefer Kemedar?

Free and Global: Access properties in 35 countries in 17 languages.

User-Friendly: Easy navigation, transparent communication, and exclusive discounts.

All-in-One Solution: From searching to investing, Kemedar supports every stage.

Paid Services for General Users

Verification and Sourcing: Authenticate properties and find the best products with Kemedar services.

Finishing and Inspection: Access to finishing services and property inspection facilitation.

Additional Services

Diverse Tools: Including real estate organizers, digital business cards, VR tours, and more.

Property Management Solutions: Comprehensive services for managing and auctioning properties.

Explore the World of Kemedar for General Users

Welcome to Kemedar, where our mission is to create a comfortable, easy, and trustworthy environment for every user in the global real estate industry. As the heart of the Kemedar Super App system, the general user enjoys a multitude of features and services designed to enhance their real estate experience.

Real Estate Services: Search, buy, rent, or auction properties with over 110 detailed search filters. Find residential, commercial, or administrative spaces effortlessly. Property Management: Add, promote, sell, rent, or auction properties professionally through AI-powered systems. Manage tenants with Kemanage. Skilled Labor Services: Kemework connects users with skilled technicians, real estate professionals, and finishing companies. Directly contract and review services. Home and Construction Products: Kemetro offers a vast marketplace for finishing products and building materials from numerous competing stores. Real Estate News: Stay informed with Kemenews, providing valuable insights and market trends for better decision-making. Real Estate Education and Training: Kemecademy offers courses for real estate professionals, skilled workers, and real estate agents, fostering continuous learning. Community Building: Join Kemmeta to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and collaborate within the real estate community. Real Estate Investment: Kemereit provides a safe and transparent real estate investment platform with blockchain and NFT technologies. Other Diverse Services: Enjoy various services like real estate organizing, digital business cards with Kemecard, property management with Kemanage, and more. Exclusive Features for Kemedar Owners: Direct chat with buyers, renters, technicians, and marketers. Unique property pages through Kemedari® Content Generator. Advanced control panel for efficient account management. Post property-related tasks and receive offers. Real property valuation with the Kemedar Price Index. QR-coded ads linking to your property page. Free Features for Smart Buyers: User-friendly interface for easy navigation. Up to 5 free property listings for 90 days. Manage property tasks and communicate with professionals. Explore the Kemetro market for products at competitive prices. Participate in property auctions. Access an integrated dashboard and property investment opportunities. Professional Services for General Users: Kemedar Veri Service: Property verification for added credibility. Kemedar Sourcing Service: Find the best products with tailored offers. Kemedar Finish Service: Leverage Kemedar's contracting and finishing expertise. Key with Kemedar Service: Showcase properties effortlessly with our assistance. Join Kemedar today and experience the future of real estate, where innovation meets convenience!"