Customers  Kemedar: Where Every Real Estate Player Finds Their Fit.

The customer is any user benefiting from our website's or on the ground services, whether free or paid, Individuals or Companies

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  1-Real Estate Buyers:  

Discover your ideal property with over 110 search criteria, available in 17 languages across more than 35 countries.

    2-Property Owners:

    Showcase your property to a global audience, connect directly with buyers and investors, compare offers, and obtain competitive quotations for finishing and decoration. ​

        3-Real Estate Investors:

        Avail innovative solutions for optimal and successful real estate investments.

      4-Technicians & Professionals:

      Expand your professional horizons by connecting with clients seeking assistance in completing property finishing tasks.

    5-Marketers and Freelancers:

  • Access distinctive programs for serious marketers, fostering collaborative efforts within the real estate field.

6-Trainers and Trainees:

Share experiences and courses, whether through paid or free offerings.  


  1-Real Estate Agents:

Optimize company performance and achieve goals with minimal investment through our efficient system tools.

2-Real Estate Developers:

Tailored solutions to ensure the success of marketing plans.

3-Providers of Finishing, Construction, and Decoration Services:
4-Dealers and Manufacturers of Building and Finishing Products.
5-Engineering and Real Estate Consulting Companies.
6-Property Management Companies.
7- Architectural Offices & Training Companies.
8-Real Estate Marketing Companies.

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Explore the Kemedar Proptech Super App Ecosystem​

Explore the Kemedar Proptech Super App - a pioneering global ecosystem specializing in real estate technology. This innovative platform introduces the Super App system to the real estate field, offering a diverse range of mini-applications designed to meet the various needs of the real estate market. From Kemedar Proptech, a primary system empowering real estate transactions, to specialized tools like Kemework and Kemenews, this ecosystem redefines the real estate landscape. Dive into a world of solutions, training, and community-building with Kemecademy, Kemmeta, and Kemereno, among others. Discover how Kemedar is revolutionizing real estate, from auction systems to property management, through groundbreaking technology and services. Join us as we transform the way real estate works, bringing innovation, connectivity, and expertise to all our users.