1-Opening a Branch or Office with Kemedar

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Kemedar offers the opportunity to open an affiliate office to manage its activities in a specific country or region. This is part of its strategy to foster a collaborative environment with transparent and effective partnerships.

  Types of Partnerships

1. Partner with Capital Only: Solely provides financial investment.

2. Management-Only Partner: Focuses on managing the branch without capital contribution.

3. Working Partner with Capital: Combines capital investment with active management.

Profit Entitlements

The profit share is distributed among the partners as follows:

- Capital Contributors: 40% of profits.

- Management: 20% of profits as commission

- Kemedar and its System: 40% of profits.

Branch Types in the Partnership System  

  1. Kemedar's Company Branch in the Country:

  Operated by Kemedar and its administrative team, handling all operations and administrative tasks.

  2. Local Branch Covering a Specific Province or Region:

  Managed by Kemedar, connecting managers and capital owners, with Kemedar overseeing all financial and administrative operations via the Kemodoo system.

1-Establishing a Kemedar Country Branch A Step-by-Step Guide

General Duties of Kemedar in Partnership Systems

  • Conduct planning, financial, and marketing studies.
  • Prepare the website with the Kemerobot system for extensive data integration.
  • Provide technical training for the workforce on over 25 systems, including the Kemodoo ERP program.
  • Handle digital marketing and mass communication, utilizing extensive databases to target customers effectively.
  • Offer technical support and consider agents' suggestions for improvements.

Establishing a Kemedar Area Branch A Step-by-Step Guide

Provisions for Branch Managers

  • Managers are supervised directly by Kemedar's main branch or its state agent.
  • Compensation is based on profit sharing, not only a fixed salary.
  • Comprehensive training on Kemedar systems is provided.
  • Profit share in the company revenues is accrued at 20% as commission distributed for managers and also entitled to 0.25% /month as equity for 30 months subject to performance and achieve targets.
  • Financial management of each branch is overseen through the Kemecore system, with oversight from Kemedar's country office.

Join Kemedar Agents: Branch Partners and Franchise Owners​

🚀 Ready to be part of our journey shaping a comprehensive real estate ecosystem? This episode is your guide! Explore Kemedar's unique partnership programs and find out how you can contribute to our ambitious proptech super app system. 

🌍 Kemedar's Strength: Distinguished Local Partnerships Discover why Kemedar stands out in the real estate market with its strong local partnerships, providing unparalleled strength and flexibility. International or regional agents play a crucial role in driving the success of the Kemedar system. 

🤝 Branch Partnership System: Ownership and Control Learn about opening a Kemedar branch, understanding the partnership options, and the entitlement percentages. Dive into the two types of branches and explore Kemedar's commitment to creating a transparent and effective collaboration environment. 

🌐 Steps to Open a Kemedar Branch in a Country Follow the detailed steps from launching a feasibility study to establishing a new joint-stock company. Explore the unique Exceed Wallet payment platform, and understand how Kemedar manages business, human resources, and financial aspects for success. 

🌍 Opening Local Kemedar Branches: Extensive Reach After establishing a Kemedar branch, discover how Kemedar extends its reach by opening offices in regions and governorates. Uncover the process of matching investors and managers, founding operations, and the exclusive licensing system. 

👥 General Provisions for Branch Managers: Partnerships and Responsibilities Understand the role of investors, the direct supervision by Kemedar's main branch, and the unique partnership system for branch managers. Learn about gradual ownership transfer and the financial management through the KemiCore system. 

🔗 Franchise System: Granting Independence Explore Kemedar's franchise system, understanding the establishment, financial requirements, and profit entitlements. Delve into signed contracts, financial management, and the training and guidance provided by Kemedar. 

📈 Kemedar's General Duties: Planning and Support Discover Kemedar's general duties in both systems, including planning, financial and marketing studies, website preparation, technical training, and distinguished digital marketing efforts. Learn about the technical support provided and the implementation of agent suggestions. 

🤔 Conclusion: Choosing the Right System Understand the key differences between the branch partnership and franchise systems. Determine the best system for a specific country or region based on market size, competition, and the availability of qualified personnel. 

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Ready to be part of our journey shaping a comprehensive real estate ecosystem? This episode is your guide! Explore Kemedar's unique partnership programs and find out how you can contribute to our ambitious proptech super app system. 

Financial Projection for Kemedar Operations​

In our comprehensive financial study, we break down the 3-year financial forecasts and expected sales across various countries for Kemedar. Delve into the specifics of our diverse income sources, from packages to marketing services. Understand the detailed projections of costs, including salaries, rents, and marketing expenses. Our dynamic financial planning is presented through an automated system that adjusts to changing market dynamics. This data acts as a roadmap for different company departments, ensuring maximum efficiency in performance. Join us for a deep dive into Kemedar's global financial strategy and insights.