What Kemedar Offers in Proptech

Kemedar as a proptech is designed to integrate the diverse elements of the real estate market — from buyers and sellers to lenders, agents, and developers — proptech simplifies and connects every process and participant in the industry. Notable applications include augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for virtual property viewing, and crowdfunding platforms for real estate projects.  

Alternative Transaction Models (Buy/Sell)

Rapid Property Listing

Enables sellers to add property details (110 fields) in under 8 minutes using checkboxes and dropdowns, requiring no manual typing.

AI Content Generation

Kemedari's AI content generator automatically crafts property descriptions from pre-filled information, simplifying the seller's experience.

Buyer and Seller Organizer

A specialized tool for organizing and managing buying and selling activities efficiently.

Auction-Based Selling

Features a dedicated platform for conducting property transactions through auctions.

Unique Franchising System

Kemedar's franchising system delivers exceptional on-ground services from agents, optimizing transaction times and reducing costs. Features premium services like Kemedar® Veri for verification of property, project, or company details.

Blockchain Implementation

Leverages blockchain for tokenizing real estate transactions, ensuring faster, more secure processes. Offers easy transaction and payment options through blockchain technology and the Exceed wallet.

Fractional Co-Investment

Introduces a joint investment module for small investors to co-invest in property ventures.

Search with 110+ Filters

Provides buyers with an extensive range of filters to refine their property search for precise results.

Shared Economy & Alternative Living Spaces

Bridging the Property Preference Gap

Kemework & Kemereno services aim to align older property offerings with contemporary consumer preferences.

Rental Module for Flexibility

Kemedari's AI content generator automatically crafts property descriptions from pre-filled information, simplifying the seller's experience.

Market Innovation and Cultural Integration

Through the Kemmeta community site, Kemedar introduces new markets in different countries, addressing and adapting to local cultural nuances.

Franchising for Localized Service

Implements a franchising system to streamline operations, supported by trained franchisees in various regions.

Coworking and Hourly Rental Module

A dedicated module caters to coworking spaces and hourly rentals, including facilities like conference halls and meeting rooms.

Comprehensive Property Management Software

Kemanage: A robust property management tool with control panels for owners, tenants, and maintenance staff, simplifying rental management.

Simplified Transactions via Blockchain

Facilitates easy and secure transactions and payments using blockchain technology and the Xeed wallet.

Revolutionizing Building Models

Collaborating with real estate developers, Kemedar is developing innovative building models that could transform the leasing industry.

Tech-Enabled Construction & Maintenance

Renovation & Finishing (Kemework)

A unique system enabling users to efficiently manage renovation tasks and hire professionals for house remodeling.

Direct Product Purchasing (Kemetro)

An online marketplace facilitating direct purchases from factories and stores, with options to compare offers.

Real Estate Training (Kemecademy)

Pioneering platform connecting instructors and students enables instructors and students to come together, fostering a vibrant exchange of knowledge.

Project Management (Kemecor ERP & CRM)

Simplifies management for real estate businesses, covering project tasks, employee coordination, customer relations, and marketing.

Real Estate Investment (Kemereit)

A sophisticated fractional co-investment platform designed for ease of use in the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) system, catering to investors' needs.

Property Management Software (Kemanage)

An advanced software solution for managing all aspects of property rentals, benefiting owners, tenants, and property managers.

Tech Meets Realty: The Rise of Proptech Solutions by Kemedar​

Discover the world of Proptech – the game-changing technology reshaping the landscape of real estate! In this video, we explore what Proptech is and how it's transforming the way individuals, companies, and institutions navigate the real estate market. From buying and selling to investing and management, Proptech leverages information technology to streamline processes and enhance the overall real estate experience. 🔍🌐 Learn about the various applications of Proptech, including augmented reality and VR for online property viewing, crowdfunding technologies for real estate projects, and investment platforms that empower small investors. Explore how Proptech connects buyers, sellers, lenders, agents, and developers, creating a seamless ecosystem for everyone involved. 🌐💡 Dive deeper into the intersection of Proptech with other cutting-edge technologies like sustainable building tech (Contech), smart home tech, financial tech (Fintech), and shared economy tech. Uncover the massive opportunities Proptech presents, revolutionizing an industry larger than information, communication, goods, capital, and transport combined. Join us on this journey as we unveil the massive potential and transformative power of Proptech in shaping the future of real estate. Don't miss out on the revolution – hit play now! 🚀🏡 #Proptech#RealEstateRevolution#TechInnovation