Massive Opportunity in Proptech

Real estate touches everything we do. It’s the economics of the physical space — it literally shapes our lives by defining the environment in which we live and do business. Tech has done a lot in the last few decades to revolutionize flows of information (Google), communication (Facebook, Apple), Goods (Amazon), Capital (PayPal, Venmo), and Transport (Lyft, Uber). But real estate is larger than all of those categories combined, and the transformation that real estate tech could bring to our lives is larger, and more profound, than you might think.

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Successful Proptech Examples

Left Graph refer to some examples of Investments poured in Proptech industry

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them

Tech Meets Realty: The Rise of Proptech Solutions by Kemedar

Discover the world of Proptech – the game-changing technology reshaping the landscape of real estate! In this video, we explore what Proptech is and how it's transforming the way individuals, companies, and institutions navigate the real estate market. From buying and selling to investing and management, Proptech leverages information technology to streamline processes and enhance the overall real estate experience.