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We are excited to announce the launch of our new internal coin system, which will be used to pay our service providers, marketers, and freelancers. Apply Now

What is the Program details?

We are excited to announce the launch of our new internal coin system, which will be used to pay our service providers, marketers, and freelancers. The coins will be deposited in their digital wallets and can be exchanged for USD after a 100-day holding period.

The coin system will provide a number of benefits for our service providers, marketers, and freelancers. First, it will offer a simple and efficient way to track your payments, as individuals will be able to see their coin balance and exchange rate in real-time through their digital wallet. Additionally, it will provide a new way to earn income, as coins can be exchanged for USD after the holding period.

The holding period will be implemented to ensure the stability of work with our service providers and it could be adjusted as the time goes. Furthermore, you will have an option to convert the coins with other currencies other than USD.

To get started with the coin system, service providers, marketers, and freelancers will need to set up a digital wallet on . Once the wallet is set up, coins can be granted based on the work completed for our company. Individuals can then exchange their coins for USD by submitting a request through their digital wallet, which will be reviewed and approved by a designated person within our company.

We believe that this new coin system will be a valuable addition to our payment system and we look forward to seeing how it will benefit our service providers, marketers, and freelancers.

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How does it go?

Filling Service Form or RFQ.

Service provider fill the RFQ form or service form on our website and add all information of prices and details in that form and confirm that he accept payment with our Coin system. 

Approve the Quotation

We will review the quotation and services. If the quotation approved, a confirmation will sent to the service provider to start his work Right away and signup on 

Delivery & Payment

On delivery, Kemedar send the coins from its wallet to service provider wallet on Xeed. Service provider can exchange these Xeedcoins to USD or shares in our company as stated here 

Start Now


Here Kemedar will put all services usually required in its operations in RFQ system. The service providers will send their Quotations for these RFQ as a bidding system. 

Browse RFQs, Put Quotes, Confirm, Delivery, Get Paid

More Details

Add your Services

Service provider have a unique service that is not listed in RFQ system and he feel that this would benefit Kemedar. Very easy system to earn money from the services you are professional in it and you know it will add value to our work. 

Suggest,  Confirm, Deliver and Get Paid

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Main benefits


Service provider can add his own service or select required service RFQ so he can add details what he can benefit us with his expertise and put cost. It is easy like that..

Thousands Required

As we are global group of companies in 25 countries we have really volume works in different fields so your opportunity is big to join our team and earn money for your work

Easy and Guaranteed

Our system is very clear and easy to work with. We do all efforts to make you focus in your work and get paid for that in very easy way

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