Your Property World in One Tap with Kemedar Super App.

A super app is essentially a comprehensive ecosystem of integrated apps, offering a seamless and efficient experience for various aspects of users' lives.  

What Makes an App  'Super'?

  • -Super apps combine a wide range of services and functions within a single mobile application.
  • -They allow users to perform multiple tasks without needing to switch between different apps.

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Prime Examples of Super Apps:

  • -WeChat, used by 1.2 billion people, primarily in China, is an exemplary super app, combining messaging, payments, e-commerce, and more.
  • -Other notable super apps include AliPay (China), Paytm (India), Grab (Singapore), GoTo (Indonesia), Zalo (Vietnam), and Kakao (South Korea).
  • -WeChat and AliPay have evolved to offer about 200 public services through mini-programs within their apps.

The Rising Need for Super Apps

  • -As technology evolves, the market is transitioning from single-purpose to multi-purpose apps due to app fatigue.
  • -Super apps address the challenges of app saturation by consolidating multiple services, enhancing user engagement, and diversifying revenue streams.
  • -They are increasingly popular as consumers show less interest in downloading new apps.

Super Apps: Revolutionizing Real Estate with Kemedar​

Discover the world of Super Apps in our latest video! We delve into the concept coined by BlackBerry founder Mike Laraidis in 2010 and explore how these all-in-one mobile applications have transformed the digital landscape. Learn why Super Apps like WeChat, AliPay, and others are reshaping user behavior and why they are the future of mobile convenience. In this video, we also explore why investing in a Super App is a game-changer for businesses. With app fatigue on the rise and users looking for convenience, Super Apps offer a solution that aggregates various services into one seamless experience. They boost engagement, retention, and revenue streams, making them a compelling choice for businesses in today's digital landscape. But what makes Kemedar a Super App? Join us as we delve into Kemedar's unique approach to real estate, offering 30+ different systems and mini-apps under one umbrella. Discover how Kemedar is revolutionizing the real estate industry and serving all your real estate needs in one place. Don't miss out on this exciting exploration of Super Apps and Kemedar's role in this digital revolution!

Super Apps vs. Traditional Apps

  • -The average smartphone user has numerous apps installed but uses a fraction of them regularly.
  • -Super apps eliminate the need to juggle between multiple apps, offering an all-in-one solution much like a shopping mall, where various needs are met in one location.

Kemedar: Pioneering the World's First Super App in Real Estate  

  • -Kemedar is designed to be a comprehensive real estate ecosystem, over 30 different systems & mini-apps.
  • -It aims to cater to all aspects of users' real estate needs, positioning itself as the first proptech super app in the world.
  • -Kemedar Super App serves as a first real estate one-stop super app for all stakeholders in the real estate industry.
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