What is Proptech and Why Kemedar is good example as Proptech?

Kemedar as a proptech is designed to integrate the diverse elements of the real estate market — from buyers and sellers to lenders, agents, and developers — Proptech simplifies and connects every process and participant in the industry. Notable applications include augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for virtual property viewing, and crowdfunding platforms for real estate projects.

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Proptech, short for property technology, encompasses a range of technical tools utilized by various real estate stakeholders including individuals, companies, and institutions. Its primary aim is to streamline real estate interactions like buying, selling, leasing, marketing, investing, and management. Essentially, proptech represents the intersection of information technology with the real estate sector, employing digital innovation to satisfy the industry's needs.

Proptech also extends to realms like real estate investment platforms, which open opportunities for small-scale investors, and management platforms for various property types, including residential, office, and commercial spaces.

Moreover, proptech intersects with several other technological areas like sustainable building technology (Contech), smart home technology, financial technology (Fintech), and technologies fostering the shared economy. This multifaceted nature of proptech makes it a key player in the modernization and evolution of the real estate sector.


Discover the world of Proptech – the game-changing technology reshaping the landscape of real estate! In this video, we explore what Proptech is and how it's transforming the way individuals, companies, and institutions navigate the real estate market. From buying and selling to investing and management, Proptech leverages information technology to streamline processes and enhance the overall real estate experience.

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