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Success Partner Required to be our CEO in Egypt

Extraordinary Leaders invited to be success partners and lead our companies and operations in Egypt

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General objective of the job

The executive management of the group of companies and subsidiaries in Egypt, where it proposes the main objectives and strategic plans for the group of companies and sectors, defines and draws its policies, approves the executive plans and programs that achieve the goals of the group, supervises their implementation, and follows up on the activities of subsidiaries, departments of sectors and affiliated organizational units at the level of Egypt. 

Works to raise its efficiency, develop its work methods, guide and motivate employees towards achieving the group's goals in Egypt, and works to exploit the available energies and resources that achieve the desired goals of increasing the sales volume of the group of subsidiaries and working to increase its profitability.

Self Motivation
Administrative Work
Technical Expertise

Organizational​ Relations

Report For:

He reports to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kemedar HQ 

Manage :

Directly supervises and manage the managers of all companies and business units affiliated to the group in Egypt, as well as each of the following positions:

  1. Director of Commercial Department managing all systems Exclusive partners (20 Business unites)
  2. Director of the local franchise department in Egypt and affiliated regions agents (more than 420 areas and regions)
  3. Director of the Marketing Department for the group of companies and their departments
  4. Director of the Sales Department for the group of companies and their departments
  5. Director of the financial department of the group of companies and their departments.
  6. Director of the Human Resources Development Department for the Group of Companies
  7. Director of the Logistics & Operation Department of the Group of Companies
  8. Director of Investment Management and Investors Relations.

Main Duties of The Job

In the field of Planning and Organization

  1. Proposes major objectives and strategic plans and submits them to the Board of Directors for approval.
  2. Proposes general policies and policies emanating from them and presents them to the board of directors for discussion and approval.
  3. Proposing new projects and approving their technical and economic feasibility studies.
  4. Supervises the preparation of regulations governing the work of the group of companies and their amendments, and approves what falls within the scope of his competence.
  5. Supervises the preparation of general plans and their amendments and approves them for implementation.
  6. Develops work plans and general directions for preparing budgets.
  7. He makes sure that the managers working with him are sufficiently aware of the group's objectives and policies, and that those objectives and policies are adhered to, achieved, and followed up.

In the field of budget preparation, follow-up and control:

  1. He directs the managers working with him to prepare the annual current and investment estimated budgets for the group of companies, which ensure the achievement of its objectives, follows up on the accuracy of their preparation, and coordinates among them.
  2. He follows up on the commitment to implement the estimated budgets set, reviews the periodic reports submitted to him by the specialists in implementing them, and takes any corrective measures or necessary adjustments to the previously approved plans and budgets.
  3. Presents the financial positions, final accounts, budgets, profit and loss accounts and the balance sheet of the group of companies to the Board of Directors.

In the field of executive activity of the group of companies:

  1. Ensures the availability of the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the group of companies and verifies the use of these resources, whether financial, human or material resources of various types, with the required efficiency.
  2. Approves financial and banking transactions, contracts and administrative decisions within the limits of the powers delegated to him according to the approved schedule of financial and administrative powers.
  3. Reviews and approves the detailed plans presented by the directors of the subsidiaries and the various departments of the group according the approved general plans.
  4. He closely follows up the implementation of general plans and detailed plans, and takes corrective decisions within the limits of his powers.
  5. Ensures the availability of the necessary funds to meet the company's obligations and ensures proper use and benefit from them within the limits of regulations and instructions.
  6. Monitors project activities to ensure utilization of materials and personnel to achieve optimal plans that balance project size, project quality, and cost.
    Ensures the efficiency and safety of the systems and procedures followed in the group of companies in each of the areas of planning, financial and administrative control, as well as evaluation and financing processes.
  7. Monitors purchases and stores to ensure the provision of supplies, tasks and needs for the group of companies and the implementation of material storage instructions accurately and at the lowest possible cost.
  8. The method of pricing the services and products and service products provided by the company is adopted to ensure the continuity of the presence and growth of the group of companies in the  Egyptian markets.
  9. Representing the company in international and local exhibitions and conferences and making presentations to investors and all concerned parties about the companies' activities and their advantages
  10. He continues to increase the volume of the group's business, participate in opening new markets, pay attention to the diversity of the group's activities, and expand the volume of the group's business.
  11. Supports quality control activity and insists on its implementation to ensure the quality of products and services.
  12. Follows up and ensures the efficiency of management information systems and provides a database and information on the activities of the technical group of companies, as well as financial activity and cost accounts, as well as providing the necessary data to the concerned departments.
  13. Approves the appointment of all administrative and technical cadres and determines their job categories and salaries.
  14. Ensures the application of a unified system of wages and salaries and works to provide appropriate and comfortable working conditions for all.
  15. Approve Ending the service of employees at all levels, and approve rewards and penalties for employees of the group of companies  in accordance with the approved system.
  16. Put the basis for evaluating employee performance, incentive systems, and commissions.
  17. Approves the employee performance evaluation reports submitted to him by the affiliated departments.
  18. He represents the group with regard to the activities of the group of companies.
  19. Sign all contracts on behalf of the group, and he may authorize whomever he deems appropriate.
  20. Ensures that the group of companies adheres to the laws regulating its business, and that the laws and regulations specified by the government that are relevant to the company's activity are applied, and that it makes any internal amendments that may be required.
  21. Ensures that the final accounts are prepared in accordance with the articles of association and the laws regulating them.
  22. Ensures the fulfillment of the necessary data to carry out audit work for the accounts of subsidiaries as well as the group, with the assistance of the external auditor.
  23. Ensures the preservation of the assets and properties of the group and subsidiaries.
  24. Evaluates the performance of the directors of the subsidiaries, the directors of the group's departments, and the workers under his direct supervision.
  25. Supervises the preparation of the annual report of the group of companies and presents it to the Board of Directors.
  26. He attends the meetings of the Board of Directors as a key member.

We expect that you have..!


Appropriate university qualification, preferably holders of a bachelor's degree in business administration with postgraduate studies or specialized in marketing.


Practical experience of not less than (15) years in leadership positions, including 5 years of experience in senior management positions (preference is given to those with experience in the same field).


Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking English, and proficiency in a second foreign language is an added advantage.

Computer Skills

Good knowledge of using computers and their various applications especially of management and business applications


A leadership personality with analytical capabilities and capable of balanced performance under work and market pressures.

Personal Skills

Great negotiating skills, and the ability to present, persuade and influence.

It will be nice if you have...

Your own business before

if you have failed in your own business before. It is not the end. Try again to success with us.. 

Specialized computer skills

Like apps of business management as Odoo, Bulk emailing, Accounting systems,...etc

Good connections 

If you have good connections to business key persons in real estate industry and investors

What We Offer



Very good environment for work of creative  & co-operative people

Commission from Net Profit

This position will worth 4% of net profit of all companies and sector he mange

Vested Stock Option

to be owner and share holder of the company you work for is not hard. Check details here

Work Promotion

Good opportunity for motivated people to promote their work

Vested Stock Options

Join our team and build a future with us! We are currently seeking talented individuals to join our company. Not only will you have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team, but you will also be eligible for vested stock options. Apply now and take the first step in building a rewarding career with us.

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Our vested stock option plan is designed to provide our employees with a sense of ownership in the company and align their interests with those of the shareholders. By participating in this plan, you will be able to purchase company stock at a discounted price and have the opportunity to earn shares over time through your contributions to the company's success. We believe that this plan is an important way to reward and retain top talent, and we are committed to supporting our employees through this program

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What's great in this job?

  • Great team of smart people, in a friendly and open culture
  • No dumb managers, no stupid tools to use, no rigid working hours
  • No waste of time in enterprise processes, real responsibilities and autonomy
  • Expand your knowledge of various business industries
  • Create content that will help our users on a daily basis
  • Real responsibilities and challenges in a fast evolving company
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