Kemedar Partners: Crafting Tomorrow's Real Estate,  Together.

As a testament to the power of collaboration, Kemedar stands as a beacon of achievement, demonstrating how collective efforts can yield unparalleled success in the global landscape of real estate and technology.

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Joining Hands, Leading Change: Kemedar's Global Network.

Kemedar Collaborative Network: A Global Endeavor. In the realm of Kemedar, success is not a solitary pursuit but a collective achievement involving the collaboration of numerous stakeholders—investors, employees, and partners. This global project has harnessed the efforts and financial backing of hundreds, propelling it to the zenith of success that you witness today. This collaborative spirit is ingrained in the very fabric of Kemedar's existence. The synergy of diverse contributions and shared aspirations has been instrumental in shaping Kemedar into a prominent force within the real estate industry. From the early stages of conceptualization to the ongoing evolution, each participant in this dynamic network plays a pivotal role in the continued success and growth of Kemedar.


Kemedar stands as a global endeavor that harmonizes the contributions of numerous investors, employees, and partners to achieve its current success. The significance of both financial and intellectual investments is paramount in propelling Kemedar to an international scale.


The Kemedar team is not merely a conventional workforce; every individual within the Kemedar family is regarded as a genuine partner. Regardless of qualifications, prior experience, educational background, or certifications, ambition and a commitment to success form the foundational criteria for being an integral part of our dynamic team.

Country Franchise Owner:

For those aspiring to manage the largest specialized real estate portal, Kemedar offers the opportunity to be the most renowned brand for real estate professionals in their country. The promise is to expedite this journey toward prominence and success.

Regional Franchise Owners:

Functioning as exclusive agents, regional franchise owners act as the eyes and hands of Kemedar in their respective regions. The partnership guarantees a shared success with a globally ambitious management team, aligning efforts to attain desired objectives.

Country Branch Office Partner:

Establishing a genuine partnership within a country's branch office involves Kemedar's active involvement in coordinating efforts and resources between investors and office managers. This collaboration encompasses tasks such as company establishment, employee appointments, and overall company management.

Regional Branch Office Partner:

This office, covering a specific region, operates as a branch of Kemedar within the designated area. Partners in this office include Kemedar, the office manager, and the investor, collectively working towards regional success.

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Explore the Kemedar Proptech Super App Ecosystem​

Explore the Kemedar Proptech Super App - a pioneering global ecosystem specializing in real estate technology. This innovative platform introduces the Super App system to the real estate field, offering a diverse range of mini-applications designed to meet the various needs of the real estate market. From Kemedar Proptech, a primary system empowering real estate transactions, to specialized tools like Kemework and Kemenews, this ecosystem redefines the real estate landscape. Dive into a world of solutions, training, and community-building with Kemecademy, Kemmeta, and Kemereno, among others. Discover how Kemedar is revolutionizing real estate, from auction systems to property management, through groundbreaking technology and services. Join us as we transform the way real estate works, bringing innovation, connectivity, and expertise to all our users.