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Kemedar is a revolutionary player in the global real estate industry, positioned as a Proptech Super App Ecosystem. The brand envisions becoming a hub for real estate specialists and aims to lead the sector through innovative technologies and an integrated approach.  Kemedar emphasizes novelty and innovation in its products and services, aiming for higher value and significance in a rapidly evolving world.

Meaning of "Kemedar"

The term "Kemedar" is a compound word composed of two parts. The first part, "Kemet," derives from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language, signifying the fertile black land that produces abundant crops and bountiful goodness. It was one of the names for Egypt during the Pharaohs' era. The second part, "Dar," means "house" in the Arabic language. Therefore, the combined meaning of "Kemedar" can be understood as "House of Goodness" or "House of Prosperity." is a unique real estate Proptech portal. Kemedar emphasizes novelty and innovation in its products and services, aiming for higher value and significance in a rapidly evolving world.


"The best is yet to come."

Our slogan offers all those who interact with Kemedar a burst of optimism for a better tomorrow. It assures them that tomorrow will be more beautiful than today and that it will bring them joy and satisfaction.

Mission and Strategy:

At Kemedar, we strive diligently to create a comfortable, easy, and trustworthy environment and community for all stakeholders in the global real estate industry. This is achieved by revolutionizing the way people deal with real estate, whether in selling, buying, renting, finishing, managing, investing, or promoting their real estate assets, whether as individuals or companies. We harness Proptech technologies, Super App capabilities, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence within a comprehensive and integrated real estate ecosystem. This positions us as pioneers in the digital transformation that the world inevitably anticipates in the real estate industry.


Vision and Objectives:

In the next five years, Kemedar aims to be a global leader with the largest integrated real estate database. It plans to attract real estate agents, users, and projects globally, offering innovative investment systems and cutting-edge technologies.

Pillars to Achieve Our Vision

To realize this practical and ambitious vision, we must rely on several pillars  

Methodical Business Plan

This will be based on facts, figures, and realistic potentials specific to each country where we initiate our operations.

Attracting Expertise

Securing skilled professionals and strong experts in their respective fields. We aim to lure them using various incentives, be it financial returns, company shares, or a percentage of these shares in exchange for the services, talents, and contributions they provide to Kemedar.


Knowledge combined with capital enables people to build their glory. The glory cannot be built on ignorance and poverty. Thus, capital is the driving fuel for all these operations. It's essential for us to have a clear vision for investment, investors, and their respective strategies.

General Operational Strategies

In this fast-paced and rapidly evolving world, if we don't bring something new, we must conserve our time, effort, and money for pursuits of higher value and greater significance. This has been our vision at Kemedar, always focusing on the novelty of the offer and the innovativeness of the content for all products and services we provide. Our operational strategy revolves around the following pillars:


Decentralized Content Management

We focus on monitoring rather than centralizing content management. This approach ensures limitless expansion and system nourishment, avoiding the bottleneck constraints that centralized staff might bring. The emphasis is on standardizing it through agents and franchise holders, much like what's seen in social media networks.


Professional Network Creation

Establishing a proficient network of Kemedar partners, agents, and well-trained personnel, equipped with state-of-the-art administrative tools designed for accomplishing thousands of tasks efficiently and swiftly. Kemedar can assist its clients and visitors in numerous on-ground matters, offering a range of unique professional services. This enables us to expand our service and product offerings, bringing Kemedar closer to its target markets and ensuring maximum satisfaction for its clients and partners.


Adopting the Best Technological Solutions:

We prioritize the adoption of the most powerful, safest, and best technological solutions, enhancing the experience for all users. This aids in a more productive experience for our partners and ensures the desired control and oversight for our top management.

What Kemedar Offer

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Why Kemedar?

Your Property World in One Tap with Kemedar Prop-tech Super App.

Embrace the Future of Real Estate with Kemedar's Blockchain & AI Innovations.

Kemedar: The Ultimate Proptech Hub.  25+ Apps, Endless Possibilities

Pioneering Digital Evolution in the World of Real Estate.


At Kemedar, we focus on creating a comfortable, easy & trustworthy environment for real estate owners, agents and real estate developers to display their properties in detail, as well as for buyers and investors searching for the perfect property and investment opportunity through highly advanced search criteria to ensure the maximum benefit from their visit to Kemedar, which makes us the right success partner for Kemedar's users in their real estate activates & investment